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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Drowning in Unreality...

Okay, so I watch movies like anyone else, I go to the cinema and watch them or watch them at home on TV, you know the usual. But whenever I watch them, I get drawn into them so much, that I then think that's my life. And I act out the movie, thinking that's my life. It is quite awful. It usually goes something like this...

So someone will recommend a movie or a TV show which they think that I should watch. So out of courtesy, I usually watch it. 

And sometimes, I get drawn into it a bit too much...

And then other stuff happens. For example, I went to go watch The Avengers the other day. And I came out of the movie theater thinking that I was a superhero! 

 I was helping friends cross the road and avoid puddles all in the name of justice! It was really quite embarrassing for them, but I was so into the part that I was oblivious to any embarrassment that it might have caused. I was having the time of my life being a superhero!

In my mind, I was an actual superhero fighting crime over-looking my safe neighborhood. Until reality strikes and I jump off the couch, all ready for taking off in flight when...

I realize that I'm not a superhero after all... and I've just bumped my head.

I also went to  go watch The Hunger Games, and the same thing happened! 

Coming out of the movie theater, I was running around, dodging "arrows", hiding in the bushes! Mind you, it was quite hilarious and fun! 

Until I realize that my shot isn't and will never be as good as Katniss' and I am not in the Hunger Games!

And my furniture gets ruined! And I now I know that I took it a bit too far... Just slightly! 

And my face is like this forever because the next day, I talk to my friend and the conversation goes like this...

Friday, 17 August 2012

"Where have you been?" I hear you ask...

So, if any of you have wondered where I have been all Summer that has stopped me from releasing bundles of virtual joy in the form of blog posts, all shall be explained...

I have been out. I have been away. I have been exploring the world. Being an adventurer... a pioneer...

On my turismo, I found America...

I was in the hot, sweltering sun being a camp counselor. I welcomed the campers to weeks of outdoor fun, a venture to dive into the natural world. Kids indulged in ice-cream and mud fights and slime wars while I joined in with competitive lightening- that's right! I wasn't going down easy. I even have an award-winning dive down the jumping castle slide- that would leave any 6-year-old to shame!

During our weeks we...

Went canoeing in a fast and furious fashion, seriously... I could have been racing Nascars with my canoe! 

Did archery, Katniss has nothing on me! I would savage them all up in the Hunger Games! With the wind flying through my hair, the sunlight glowing on my bow- it shined with a golden glimmer- as I released my fingertips to allow a soaring bow to throttle to the bulls-eye of my target and within a millisecond you have instant respect from the campers. 

We sat by a campfire and in a conventional manner- roasted marshmallows, cooked over the fire, sang songs- all that you would expect with a fire at a summer camp. But nobody mentions the additional watery eyes, battles with the overwhelming smoke-induced cough and getting all your clothes smelling like campfire that comes with the territory of erecting a perfect log-cabin or tepee fire.

I also wrestled bears like a gladiator! That bear didn't know what was coming! 

So, after all the camping fun it was time to return home and now I just don't know what to do with myself! I went from having dozens of people surround me all the time, to sitting in the corner of the room all by myself!

So until I realize what I am doing with my life, I will be sitting like this, in the corner of my room! Frantically waiting for another summer at camp! 

Thursday, 16 August 2012

I am back!

Welcome Back!

I went away. And have been away for a while, I was on adventures that I will disclose shortly, but be not afraid, I am now back! I promise! It's me right here! So welcome back! 

Stay tuned for new blogs because I've had withdrawal symptoms being away so now I am back and will stay back. It's good to see you all again! I've missed you. 

Come back to read new blogs!