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Sunday, 12 May 2013

What has my life become?!

One day, I'm writing frequent blogs and just being awesome at life and then I look again and it all stops. Life isn't as awesome and blogs aren't so frequent, instead I'm sitting- wanting to go to Peppa Pig World (without a child)... because it looks so damn awesome!

...But let me just assure you, I have a niece... I don't just sit around watching Peppa Pig while drowning my sorrows! (That is not how it works!)

How has this happened?

Have I told you, I've also started learning to knit?! (Not that there's anything wrong with knitting...)

But why is everything so tame?

Why has my hobbies changed from blogging to knitting? From Harry Potter world to Peppa Pig world? (As awesome as it may look!)

Well here is where I draw the line! From now on... Mixing it Up and Down will be upheld with pride!
There will come a day, when my blog looks back on it's life and stumbles across this rough patch.... but then it will remember that it got through this chamber of emptiness and thrived on the written word to produce a blog that was better than any other blog, a blog that can be proud of it's contents, a blog I call my own!