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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Introducing me to Mr.Geee-tarrrr

So, This is me.

This is a guitar... (sort of)

This is me trying to play the guitar.

I have started learning how to play the guitar. It is a lot of fun, I have gotten no where yet but I aim to improve as much as I can so that I can play cool songs and stuff.

At the moment, I can't strum, I can't play any songs and I'm pretty sure everything I do is impeccably incorrect.

But the one thing that I can not understand at all, is chords! It's ridiculous! I've been following books and such, but I think that to be a guitarist you need massive hands or explosively long fingers!

This is apparently a C-chord? But in real life... this is impossible!!!! My fingers only stretch so far, I can't rip them into strips just to get them on the right places on a guitar!!! I mean... C'mon!

 My hands look like this, a proportionate finger length for my palm size, however I don't think this is going to help me become a guitar rockstar, if I can't reach the chords! And I'm pretty sure that the C-chord isn't even that bad in the guitar world but I haven't even learnt enough chords to give a better example, so C it is!

I want hands like this....

It will solve all of my guitar-related problems. Won't have a problem reaching any strings or frets with these babies!!!!

So now you know! You know that I won't be a rockstar anytime soon, or even decently good at playing the guitar anytime soon!

Rockstar dream- SLASHED!!!!!