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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Awkward Moment When... (Part 1)

We all love those 'The Awkward Moment When's because they are all true! We can relate to each and every single one of them because we and by we I mean (human beings) are so utterly awkward! We love to do things and then give a yell of: 'Awkward!' Even if it isn't awkward, and then it just makes the whole situation awkward! It is really quite hilarious for everyone, but we love it so much that we now have 'Awkward Moment' quotes and sayings so that when we aren't doing anything awkward, we can be thinking about them! Because we are such goobely-messes!

So, I have compiled a list of awkward moments and because there are so many, I have decided to do it in parts. So, here we go with part 1.

1) The Awkward Moment When... you push and push and can't understand why the door isn't opening (it's a pull-door!)

2) The Awkward Moment When... You notice someone waving in your direction and so you therefore automatically think they are waving at you, so with a whole bunch of enthusiasm you wave back (only to find that they were waving to the person behind you!). Now, you stand waving to nobody. 

3) The Awkward Moment When... You want to tell a story to your friends but it is so damn funny that you can't stop laughing, chuckling and cracking up! So the story usually never comes out, but you had a good ole' laugh! (Your friends aren't very happy though!)

4) The Awkward Moment When... You trip over something that doesn't exist. That's just awkward. 

5) The Awkward Moment When... You realize you are chewing on a pen that you borrowed! (Ooops!)

So, let's face it... We have all been in one of these situations at one point or another and if not, YOU ARE SO WEIRD! Get it together man!

But these are the kinds of moments we live for, we couldn't have a fantastically awkward life without them and they are special to us... they are our life awkward friends (who we don't like, but they keep talking to us) So... we learn to love them!

(A Continuation will run in later blog posts... Stay tuned!)

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