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Thursday, 21 February 2013

I suck... and I know it.

So, in my last post I promised that the next post will be back to the regular style of 'Mixing it up... and down' and that it would be super awesome! But I have not yet posted anything and therefore I suck! I do apologize. Once I get back into my groove, the posts will be flowing as ever.

Today, I looked out the window to find rays of sun breaking into my room, this filled me with gratitude and please... Stepped out, and it's as cold as the freaking arctic! I am now trapped in a Starbucks, with my lowering Latte almost coming to an end, and I don't know what to do from here. Do I run to my next destination in the hope that I won't notice the cold? Do I camp out in Starbucks until they kick me out? Do I just freeze to my imminent death? I don't know! HELP! I don't want to go outside... It's too cold!

So, this post consisted of pretty much nothing! I am sorry. I will try to do better next time. I just thought I would pop in to say "Hello!" and to let you all know that I am still alive!

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