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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Internet Meltdown... Survival of the Sanest!

We all love the internet, most of us use it everyday and can't go a day without checking our emails or social-networking sites or the daily news. We can't remember life without the internet and don't want to because our bodies are so tuned up to automatically: 'Check Emails... click click... go to news... click click... look at pictures of cats... click' It is part of a routine or ritual, just like our morning coffee. But there are times, like any other, when technology fails us and we go a bit shaky and slightly faint, because we don't know how to spend our time if the internet is not at our disposal. I experienced this quite dramatically a few days ago and am not proud to say that I caved to the pressure... I should not be left alone with technology or rather without technology because like Dusty Springfield said: 'I just don't know what to do with myself...'.

It all began on a cold, rainy morning. I was happily going about my daily routine not minding anyone's business... Click here, click there... When all of a sudden...

I LOSE INTERNET CONNECTION! How could this happen to me? I am a good citizen! I always pay my bills and I always brush my teeth! What could motivate the internet to torture me in such a way? How am I going to spend my life now?

So before I come to terms with accepting my internet-withdrawal fate... I click refresh, you know a couple... to a million times. 

After this doesn't work, I sit and wait... maybe there was just a glitch in the network, "I'm sure in a couple of seconds it will be fine". So, I wait...

and Wait...

and (you guessed it)... Wait... 

I know, I can't stand for this any longer so I try to solve the matter and try to be productive, I mean... how hard can finding connection be?

Apparently, VERY!!!!!!! 

I then look around and see a perfectly good mirror, so I start crying into it... because my life is pretty much over without the internet to help me through it...

Then I remember, I have neighbors with a perfectly good internet connection, so of course I'm going to try and use their wireless router for my own personal benefit and 'get out of jail free card' in my personal circle of hell...

But, that didn't work and it seems like every good thing in my life is non-existent.

Maybe, if I use the bathroom it will take up enough time for my internet to get itself together and welcome me in for virtual coffee when I get back? 

Erm... NO! What was I thinking? Why would it work? After all, it has pretty much kidnapped my life... why would it work in my favor now? 

At this point, I have a lot of pent up anger, so I spill all my feelings out in an expressive way... by creating a delicate piece of painting. 

It really was therapeutic and I hadn't even realized that the internet was back on after all the artistic madness... 

I was free to roam and life as I knew it was back to normal... (Wow... it feels good to be back!)

Wow... that was the longest 3 minutes and 45 seconds of my life! 

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  1. What do you do when your internet connection goes down? Do you have a meltdown too or just play it cool?