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Thursday, 3 May 2012

I'm so tired... ALL THE TIME!

Every single day I am sleepy, I get up in the morning with my bed calling (sometimes shouting) to get back in it, however due to having a life I unfortunately can't sleep all day. Even though that is my life goal. But, seriously I cannot function in the day, and I didn't know why. So... I started investigation and thinking about my day, this is what I recorded:

So... I get up in the morning:

Then, I go to class like a good student:

I am so tired in class and generally through the day, I could fall asleep anywhere... even in like a watermelon farm or a bear-infested shark tank or like seriously... anywhere!

And then the night time comes:

Next Morning:

So, that is how my day goes and after analyzing, scrutinizing and evaluating... I honestly can't think of why I am so tired!

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