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Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Awkward Moment When... (Part 2)

This is a continuation from the last 'Awkward Moment' post and I decided to make another one, because awkward things keep happening to me and I feel that I can't live it down until I share them and face my fears of awkward things!

They just don't stop happening.... and they never will, and I feel that other people share the same pain so all we can do is laugh about the horrendous things that make us want to die and then they will get all better?

The thing about awkward things is that in the moment you feel like you would rather turn into a ball of fire because even that would be more comfortable than the awkward thing you are enduring so I'm going to share a few more awkward things that happened which I would quite happily jump into a hungry crocodile-infested river than endure again.

1) The awkward moment when everyone around you is being more quiet than a non-existent mouse, and your stomach decides to make rumble noises... even if you just ate and you aren't even remotely hungry!

2) The awkward moment when you are sitting on an deserted bus (by that I mean the only one on except the driver) and then someone else climbs on (who you don't know! They are a stranger)... and their seat of choice is the one right next to you... like WHY?!?!? 

3) The awkward moment when you are riding your chair like a boss, but it tips 1cm more than you think it will and your whole life flashes before your eyes because you think you are going to fall and die, when all of a sudden... it is upright again and you are thinking: "What just happened?"

4) The awkward moment when you are sleeping so peacefully in your bed when all of a sudden you jerk and think you are falling off a cliff and you are just about to die, when you open your eyes and you are still safely in your bed but that body motion was all too realistic and your heart is pounding like an over-energized drummer boy.

5) The awkward moment when you are at the dentist and he is trying to keep conversation with you while your mouth is filled with his hands and equipment so anything you say comes out a slobbery mess. "So... How was your day" and you reply: "jbhf ksnksbh njifif"... 

Those are more awkward moments that happen to everybody... Well, I hope most people otherwise I should probably examine my mental health for me being a magnet of overly-awkward situations. 

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