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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Modern World Techno Hates (Part 1)

I have decided to start a series of modern Earth technology.... uncontrollably fascinating,  I know! There is a lot to love about modern technology... and even more to hate about modern technology! So, let the hating fest of fire begin!

I bet you are wondering  , what will set this series off? I have been thinking, wondering and pondering about it and I have thought about which one of my possessions I want to throw against the wall most. And the answer is...


Years and years ago, we had these nifty Nokias that just called people! And if you were really fancy, you had the game- Snake on it! Now, you not only have like 5000 rubbish games on phones, but they do everything! Soon, I won't have to go to the toilet because there will be an app for it!!!

Every 5 seconds, I get a new notification from Facebook, or Twitter, or Whatsapp, or an Email or an Email from my second email address or my phone apparently just wants to say hello to me. But it never stops.

I am in a relationship. It is not a good one. It is long-term. It is needy. It is one that I can't end. And it is one with my phone.

Modern society dictates that you have to own and use a phone. But they have just gotten ridiculous. I don't want my phone acting like a ticking time bomb, waiting for my next notification. It connects you to so many people, yet disconnects you from most relationships.

I love to hate my phone! Take it away from me... and see how I die! But I will never be happy with it and it's constant nagging of notifications.

Ring, Ring... Ring, Ring.... "It's for you... ANOTHER NOTIFICATION! "

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