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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Modern World Techno Hates (Part 2)

I've been living my life since my last blog post and I thought the next 'Modern World Techno Hate' was quite obvious. I've been hating on it since I finished my last blog post. The second blog of the techno-hating series is about: Microwaves!!!

To some people microwaves may not seem like modern technology, but it totally is! I classify anything that cavemen didn't have as 'modern'- microwaves are like a spinning-heated, rum drum noised, carousel of modern-atty. 

My first problem with microwaves is their noise. It's a constant buzz of annoy-ity. Microwaves have been around for many, many years... Are you telling me that they haven't invented a silent one yet? Sometimes food takes a while in the microwave and for all that time there is a constant kitchen bee, buzzing around you the entire time!

Another problem, is that I don't think microwaves understand what you actually want heated up. I swear that every time I put a bowl of food in there to be heated up, the bowl comes out freaking hot and the food is still ice cold! How is that even possible? I'm sure that defies the actual reason as to why the microwave was invented in the first place!

Also, I see it as a ticking time bomb of kitchen explosion. It is so easy to turn a microwave on, and I think if nothing is in there, it explodes? Or does something like that. That is intense business. Or if you put anything metal in there, it just catches a light! It can't be that easy to burn your whole house down? I thought there would be a safer microwave made by now. All this does, is train people to be nervous-wrecks of fear and anxiety in their own house of captivity! This does not make for a welcoming environment at home!

And this is why I am hating on my microwave!

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... The noise of anxious-venom in your kitchen awaits!

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