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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Life is easy... (Is it?)

Lately, I've been in quite a frenzy! I guess you could call it a 'life frenzy'. Everything has just been crazy, I have been overly self-critical and have been thinking about everything.

One thing which entered my mind is that a person just assumes that life is easy, because billions of people do life everyday, but what hardly anybody discusses is how difficult it is to do life.

Even, if you lived in your own world and stayed at home you would come across challenges like what you would eat. How you would get food. How you would cook the food. And you would also have to take care of bodily functions. That is the total minimum you have to do and it is already a lot.

Then you have to think about quality of life. Your body takes a lot of maintenance: hair, makeup, clothing, weight, overall appearance. That is a lot to think about. Then you have relationships: relationships with friends, family, boyfriend, girlfriend, husbands, wives, cousins etc. They all take a lot of work otherwise they would be non-existent.

Another thing is work. You go to school, university, work and you have to put in a lot of effort to succeed otherwise you find yourself being fired or kicked out.

Everything else is optional in life, but the things I have mentioned is just the total minimum which most people do. And the whole point is that I think that the amount of effort you have to put in to do life is totally under-estimated... or at least most people make out that it is.

I'm not saying that it isn't worth it. It totally is. The more you put in, the more you get out and it is a journey where you have your up hills and down hills and even your cruises, but it just occurred to me how much work just trying to live is. You would think that by default you would just be able to stay alive, but how untrue this is!

Make sure you live life how you want to!

Now, onto shower number a trillion (just daily maintenance!)

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