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Sunday, 22 April 2012

All by Myself... at Home

There comes a point in everybody's life when they have to stay home alone: roommate's gone out of town, parents gone to work, friends have gone home etc. The thought of staying home alone is okay, 'no big'. I mean... it is probably the billionth time you have been home alone anyway and you can do whatever you want. Its YOUR time...

Home Alone?!?!! That means I can DANCE where ever I want...

Having the BEST...DAY...EVER!!!!

I'm a supa-dancing-ninja! (and not weird at all!)

A person tends to do things that you wouldn't do when other people are there, because it's so much more fun to spin around the kitchen floor where nobody can see how easy it actually is to keep yourself entertained... It is actually the most fun you've had in a while (...but obviously wouldn't admit it out loud!)

It is a sort of indulgent experience, where you have the freedom to do whatever your heart desires and sometimes people go crazy with that thought and have a little too much fun, as you can see this is totally not the case for me!

At this point, you are feeling quite dizzy and really spun-out. So no more... you actually realize why you don't do that all the time! 

What to do next? Well... is there really any question? You have FULL-access to the TV remote control!!! But you're not just going to watch TV... because that's not Home Alone-style, you are going to eat snack food whilst you enjoy your movie (Cinematic-style! YEAH BUDDY...)

Yep, this is how you live it up!!! 


But, then you actually realize why you don't do that all the time! FOOD COMA!!! Uh-ho...

So, at this point... you have probably eaten your body-weight in snacks (something you would never really have done if you were supervised by another human-being). So, you aren't feeling the best... well, quite awful actually.

And without even noticing, you... you... you s-l-o-w-l-y pass out and have a nice long nap...

And... then... s-l-o-w-l-y begin to awaken. At this point, you don't really know where you are but this has been a delightful nap and you feel so much better, you could DANCE!!! (But, then you remember how dizzy you got the last time and don't).

OH MY GOSH!!!! You just heard a noise... and again!!! What is that?? Haaaaa... I am going to die! What the heck is that noise?!!! (It's coming from upstairs)... You don't really want to go look because that is usually when the person in the movie gets snatched or killed (Horror-movie material here!!!). 

You can't just leave it, but you also don't want to die... Huh Oh!!!

So, yer... you guessed it. Of course, you have to go look what it is- you are freaking out, I am freaking out... it's scary stuff!

Okay, so it's coming from inside the closet?... That makes sense, it must be a monster!!! They are always in the closet, like that movie... when the monsters are in the closet! (Have you seen it? It's about monsters... and... they are in your closet). Remind you of anything?! Why, yes... yes it does! Probably the petrifying situation I am in right now! 

Kinda too freaked out to open the rest of the door... just in case something prances on me like a hungry lion going in for the catch. 

Okay, so yeah... This is kind of awkward. 

It was the gurgling sound of the hot water tank, a stupid house noise. Don't you hate it when a lot of people are in the house so you don't hear any house noise at all, due to the constant man-made noise of yourself and friends, but the SECOND you are home alone and as quiet as a non-existent mouse then BAAAM... your house makes noises  you never even knew existed... and that can, well... you know? be a little bit startling, just a little. 

But I mean, it's still fun... Being home alone. You can use the bathroom without completely closing the door (that time you decide to be rebellious). And you're thinking... "I could get used to this!" It is quite an excessive amount of fun.

Cannot believe I just used the bathroom with the door open! (Roommate out the house...but still!) 

And then there are times when you are home alone in the night too, and sometimes this can cause some issues. Especially when you are trying to go to sleep... and you get these... monsters under your bed.

This is terrifying- I mean... who wouldn't have a heart attack in this situation when you could get killed any second. And nobody can hear you shouting because you are home alone and I guess going out was a better plan because now you are nearing the end of your life and it could have been different and it is all your fault that you are now in this situation and you don't have time to call anyone and you want to start crying because this is the worst thi......... AND THEN IT JUMPS OUT AT ME!!!!! (SCREAMMMM!!!)

The dog... it's the dog!?! 

I guess you weren't home alone after all!!!!!

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