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Friday, 20 April 2012

An Efficient Worker

I love to complete work. I love to start work and stay focused. I'm all like: "Woo hoo!!!!!! I am so going to finish all this work! I am such a clever genius!"

Then as I start typing and researching using the internet, my mind wanders. I wonder if I have a new email... So I check, as a matter of urgency!

Ooooh, interesting... very interesting (At this point I was looking at my spam mail!). But... I wonder what the news is of the day? So, what do I do?

Yep... I re-direct to a news website, reading the latest gossip of people I don't know and never will know and yet have a thirst to find out more about them!

Aaaaah, I didn't know that guy was a movie star... I wonder what other movies he has played in? Click.

I know what's happening!!! Don't get sucked in! DON'T!!!! You are stronger than this...

Okay, back to work...




5 minutes worth of work!???! Mftt... Sounds like break-taking material to me!!! So, after working and working and working for 5 whole minutes, how am I going to reward myself in the break?

After indulging my non-hungry self with food and junk food and healthy food and all sorts of food, I finally decide... TIME TO RETURN! And so, with much enthusiasm, I prance back to my desk.

WORKING! (I'm very excited to get some work done)...

But just as I start.

I starting thinking of:

A puppy! 

And then...  A Slush Puppie! YUMMY!!!!

...Movie Theater

I wonder what movies are playing? So... I check. Click.

Oooooh!!! I think I will go watch a movie tomorrow. That will be fun. 

Wait, a second... what was I doing before all this movie fun? 

I have NO idea, OH WELL... Couldn't have been important. NAP TIME! 

So, yeah... that's how to be an efficient worker. Well... actually that is the total opposite of how to be an efficient worker, but it is how everybody works after getting defeated in the battle of you and procrastination! 

Have fun when you next try to work!!! 

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