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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Birds are so sassy!

When did birds get so sassy? I thought when you walk up to birds, they fly away? Well... this has not been the case with my recent experiences with birds! They are so sassy! I was sitting by a window door once and this bird walks up to the door (considering the fact... that I am right there!). He then explores and walks to the right to go investigate. He was such a pioneer walking around. I was shocked!

And then, when I was driving down the road these birds were in the road so I slowed down but kept going (slowly)- thinking they would fly away. What do they do? They start running with the car! Seriously... And make me drive behind them, how cheeky!

When I walk in cities, there are birds just trotting around, hopping in front of people. That isn't the problem, the problem is when they decide to fly when you are near, then they decide to fly! And it is then when I have the mini-heart attack, because it is always like they want to purposely fly into your face. So you duck (because obviously you don't want a bird to slap on your face) and then they scoop up and fly like a billion miles above you anyway and make you look like a walking weirdo! (Maybe it is like an inside joke with birds or something!)

An the award to the Sassiest Animal goes to:

Watch out for those little tykes!

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