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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Terrifying Monsters

I was lying in my bed- ready to go to sleep- when all of a sudden this huge black spider crawls out of a box (Which was near my head!!!!!) and then goes to the roof (like spiders do). Now, I'm in a bit of a dilemma because I can't possible close my eyes (Because I know, it might jump on me and attack me or something). Stupidly, I lost sight of it and it 'disappeared'. Now, if there is one thing I hate about spiders that I can see it spider's that I can't see. Where did it go?!?!?!? Where??? WHERE!?!?!?

Being South African, people usually think that I can handle spiders and snakes and lizards and leopards and whales. Well, let me just say... I am pretty terrified of it all! I hate the look of spiders and the feel of lizards and the slithery-ness of snakes and the ability for the leopards to pounce on me! And this goes for a lot of animals, except elephants (I do like an elephant) and lions (except they would probably eat me) and dogs... I love dogs.

When I see a dog, I'm all like:

They are so cute and cuddly and playful and happy and THE BEST!

Ooooh, giraffes!!! They are pretty cool.

But, I'm pretty scared of all other animals. I like to watch them on TV though, so I know that they won't attack me, but I can admire how beautiful their non-harmful ways are. I'm talking about all animals that aren't like farm animals... all those animals are just like eating grass, moo-ing, rolling around in the mud... They are fine.

But spiders and rats are the worst! I'd rather be surrounded by a pack of lions than rats and spiders! (Is that stupid?)

But when I first see a spider, I'm really scared and I'm all like:

And I don't speak because it might come to me. But then I look at it and get really grossed out.

But, I've lived 19 years with not being harmed by a spider or rat so I think I've done quite well. And it gives me hope for the rest of my years, which is really cool! It's like a 19-year landmark (Well Done for not dying from a spider!).

Now, excuse me as I go celebrate my landmark!

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