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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Pet Peeves (And I don't mean my pet named 'Peeves'!)

So, today I was thinking about all the stuff I hate and I came up with quite a list! But I thought I would share 4 of my worst! (And I'm sure most of you feel the same way about all of these!)

So... I will go up in increasing order of hatred, starting with wobbly tables! 

Okay... so this might be something small, but I hate writing or eating on a table that wobbles ('s just something I hate) But not only that, I hate it when you have to put cardboard under it to stop wobbling. WHY is it wobbling in the first place??? The table should not wobble! If I was in charge of the universe... wobbly tables would be illegal! It's just so annoying. Make your tables properly!

The next thing I hate is when people use 'text language' on ridiculously small words. So, when people use 'u' instead of you... does it take so much longer you type the 'y' and 'o'? I just don't get it... 'LOL' is absolutely fine because you're not going to type 'I am laughing out aloud Haha' but 'y' instead of 'why'? I mean really... why? And '2' for 'two'... three-letter words aren't long, it takes me 0.5 seconds to type a three letter word (if so long). So, that's my second pet peeve.

My third pet peeve I feel very strongly about... And that is when you are filling in a form and they ask for your email address and there isn't enough blocks, they never give enough space for you to write! (My email address isn't even long, it's my name and surname!!!). These forms don't ever give you enough space, so you look like a weirdo writing up and down and left and right just to try and fit everything in... letters get put on top of each other and it is a bit hectic and nobody knows where they are and it's all confusing. Just give us enough space and this problem goes away!!! Simple.

And my last pet peeve is the ultimate! When I listen to music, I use earphones. I always make sure that I fold my earphones neatly and wrap it up and it looks beautiful. I'm rocking the neatness of my earphones, but whenever I return to them and want to unwind these earphones, they are in some tangled massacre. Like they just decide to postpone my music-listening enjoyment and want a bit of fun of their own. I still don't know how this happens! (I don't even move them in between the winding up and the unwinding).

I can't be the only one with these issues? (Or am I just complaining?)

What are some of your pet peeves?

Okay, that is me and my pet peeves. Over and out.

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